Interview with former PM Devegowda





Devegowda’s autobiography


In an exclusive interview with MiD DAY, Devegowda said that he will reveal how people had tainted him as the king of corruption, when he had not even enjoyed a full term in power. In his five volume autobiography, he will also bring out the relationship he shared with former Chief Minister Ramakrishna Hegde.


Corruption and Devegowda

“I have not decided the name of the book, but it will be called something like Corruption and Devegowda. People have associated corruption with my name. They call me the king of corruption. But the truth is that I have undergone a lot of sufferings. I will bring out all the truth in my autobiography.”


 Never enjoyed the full gaddi.

“I have never enjoyed priviledges and never enjoyed the ‘gaddi.’ I have resigned three times from the cabinet minister’s post. I was the Chief Minister for only 18 months, and the Prime Minister for three and half months. I have never completed a full term in any office. I am the only politician who appeared before the Lokayukta, when Ramakrishna Hegde filed a complaint against me.”


I miss Ramakrishna Hegde

“Ramakrishna Hegde always told me that my greatest enemy was that I not only tell the truth but I tell the naked truth. Whatever it is, I tell it on the face. This has cost me a great deal. People have turned against me because I always spoke the truth fearlessly. But I don’t care. I cannot change my style of functioning. Hegde was a nice man. Later some differences arose between us and we split.  I will write about the good and the bad part of Hegde. ”


Regrets on not heeding Hegde’s advice

“Hegde cautioned me not to take C M Ibrahim into the party. He told me not to make Ramesh Kumar the assembly speaker. He even told me not to make Siddaramaih the party president. He cautioned me that they would destroy me. But I went ahead with my decision. I am regretting now.”


On anti-development image

“People like NICE managing director Ashok Kheny have created a prejudice against me in the minds of the people. I am not anti-development. It was me who cleared the Bangalore Mysore Expressway project and the Bangalore International Airport also.”


Children’s wealth

“My children have left my house in 1982 and have been living separately since then. They are tax payees and are entitled to BDA sites. If they got a bit of  land from BDA, and if the prices have shot up now, you cannot call it corruption.”


Mining Controversy

“People who have engaged into illegal mining are trying to divert attention by maligning my family. Ananth Kumar (BJP General Secretary) , Kharge (Congress State President), D K Shivkumar and Kumar Ramesh (Congress members) are behind it. If the Commisson of Inquiry says that my son (Kumaraswamy) is guilty, I will kick him out. People say I have hugged him, but I have not.”









One response to this post.

  1. Mr. Deve Gowda has betrayed Mr. R K Hegde, no doubt about that. Gowda was afraid of Hegde and this was the reason gowda expelled hegde from his own party. Now he is making crockodile’s cry on hegde. The paradox is that the Mr Hegde is not alive while gowda is.


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