Interview with Sri Ram Sene’s Women’s Wing Chief

The Sri Ram Sena’s women’s wing ‘Durga Sena’ supports the beating of women in a Managlore pub. Surprisingly, they do not think that their male counterparts did anything wrong.

 “Of course they should be beaten. They were drinking and dancing and ruining our culture. They drink and call themselves empowered women. They are empowered when it comes to drinking, but when they were beaten they call themselves weak women. If they were empowered they should have fought back our members,” said 24 year old Manchaleshwari Naik, state convenor of Durga Sena.

 Manchaleshwari is also against celebrating Valentine’s Day. “All this is Western culture. The Durga Sena will also join the Ram Sena and get lovers married. Our youngsters have forgotten our culture. Our aim is to bring them back to our culture,” she said.

 She had a problem with the reporter’s dress also who was wearing jeans and a knee length kurta. “You media people have to become a model for the rest. Our next programme will be to teach women in media to dress in India way. Jhansi rani and Kittur Rani Chennamma fought the British with swords and horses. They did not need jeans to feel comfortable. They wore sarees and Indian clothes,” she said.

 When asked to elaborate on what is decent dressing she said, “All the regions of India have different clothing. This should be followed. These days girls do not have a bindi on the foreheads nor do they have any bangles. Women should wear Indian clothes with the accessories,” she said.

 Manchaleshwari is 24 years old and is joined the Durga Sena when she was 17. “I was in the 12th standard and Pramodji visited our college. I was inspired by his speeches and wanted to do my bit for the country and my religion. Though the Sena I try to instill patriotism and respect for our culture in young women,” she said.

 She completed her graduation and married a Sri Ram Sena member. “My husband is also an active member of the Sena and supports me. I am a full time Sena worker and my husband runs a cloth shop in Hukkeri in Belgaum,” she said.

 She claims that Durga Sena has around 200 members in Karnataka. “We are working towards enrolling more women and will hold camps and seminars in colleges.”



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