Zulfi alleges Big Boss results are rigged

Zulfi Boss

 Interview with Zulfi Syed, after he was evicted from Big Boss last season.

Is Zulfi Syed the real Big Boss? He has alleged that as per the number of votes received he stood first, Raja Chaudhury second while winner Ashutosh Kaushik got the least number of votes, and Rahul Mahajan saw that Ashutosh won as per his promise to him.

“This portion was not aired on TV. Before leaving the house, Rahul had said to Ashutosh before all of us that he would spend money and ensure that Ashutosh wins the show. He also said that he would take care of the telecom companies and the votes,” said Zulfi.

With this Zulfi said that he was sure that Ashutosh would win. “When I came out of the house Shilpa Shetty asked me who I thought had won and I said Ashu. After receiving the award too Ashu said that the award belonged to Rahul Bhaiyaa. It was an open admission,” he said.

Zulfi also said that he had learnt that he had got the maximum votes through the people in the industry and the media persons whom he met. “They all said that for them I was the winner and they told me about the votes. I am happy that Ashu got the money since he comes from a humble background and from a small town. I maintain my dignity and am not after the money. The way it happened is unfair to both Raja and me since we too have spent three months in the house,” he said.

On Rahul Mahajan volunteering to leave the House and not apologizing after the inmates jumped out of the house, Zulfi said that he wanted to make it look as if he had done a sacrifice for the other inmates. “He wanted to show that he has done a charity to us by opting to leave the show. He had come to cleanse his image. He opting to leave the House helped him achieve that. Even in the house he kept playing with the word, ‘charity.’ He also got the award, “Bada Dilwala,” he said.

Zulfi refused to comment on the Rahul-Payal-Monica love triangle saying that it was their personal affair. He refuted rumours that he had an affair with Sambhavna Seth.

He called Diana Hayden commanding. “She was very commanding and did things like hiding food. This was unexpected of a person of her stature, someone who has been the Miss World. I never nominated her for eviction though,” he said.

He was fond of Debojit and Ehsaan Qureshi in the house. “Debojit is a straight guy and I liked him the most. Besides, I was friendly with Ehsaanji. With the rest I knew how much distance to keep so as to maintain my dignity. There is no point in getting into arguments and fights and drooping yourself. Silence was my weapon,” he said.

Zulfi however calls the time spent in the house a life time experience. “There were 14 different kinds of people put together. I saw what all people could do just for money,” he said.

As of now, he has got back to work and he was going through some movie scripts. “I am going to Goa, since my film Taj Mahal is being screened at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI). I will come home to Bangalore next month.”


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