Police Torture ruins lives

 19-year old Arun Kumar has been on life support system for the past five months and his brain is dead. This is after he suffered torture from the JP Nagar police. Police torture is not only in movies but are happening for real. A man was beaten to death and a woman was raped when she went to lodge a complaint. A project on preventing torture has found 800 cases of police torture for two years in the state.

Arun Kumar (19) was working in driving school as an instructor in JP Nagar. Now, he can’t recognize anyone and behaves like a three year old, and is on life support system.

 Arun’s problems began when he was joined the driving school. The driver’s school owner’s wife who is about 40 years old, complaint of husband’s harassment and wanted to escape. She sought Arun’s help in this. She even told me that she could not suffer under her husband anymore and wanted to leave him,” said Arun’s mother Lakshmi.

Arun hid her in his relatives’ house, but her husband suspected that they were having an affair and put the police after him. “He had paid one constable Mahadevaiah. He used to pick up Arun everyday and beat him ruthlessly. Arun was having back pain and leg pain,” she said.

The harassment went on for a month. On February 22 this year, Arun drank poison was found lying on the ground. “Our neighbours rushed him to the hospital and we was in the ICU for four months. We have spent over Rs 9 lakh by taking loan. I am a driver and can’t afford his treatment and so we have brought him home. We have two younger kids too,” said Arun’s father B Raju.

Beaten to death

Until last January, Sheshababu (53) was a priest in a temple in Rajajinagar. “The temple trustee had given a room to my family and me to stay. After some days he wanted us to vacate and when we asked time to look for a house, he pushed me and I broke my hand. My son Srihari then took me to the hospital and got me admitted where a rod was put in my hand,” said Sheshababu.

Without a house a stay Srihari (21) slept on the temple steps. Some people thought that he was a thief and informed the control room. “The Hoysala picked him up and the police beat him throughout the night with a rod. The next morning I saw him the station naked with his hands and legs tied and his moth bleeding. I paid Rs 3,000 bribe and took him to

NIMHANS. He was so scared that if anyone came close to him he shouted ‘Please don’t beat me.’ After three days in the hospital he collapsed in the toilet. The post mortem report said that he succumbed to the injuries caused by the beating,” he said.

Srihari’s mother is shocked and has lost her mental balance and his father is ill and unable to bear the medical expenses. The couple lives with their daughter in Andhra. “I want to live to fight this case and get justice. But I am unable to get Rs 25,000 for my operation,” he said.

Electric Shock to private parts

Mohammed Ghouse (23) worked in a carpenter shop in Mysore. His neighbour Khamraan had eloped with a Hindu girl in March this year. The police then asked him if he knew of their whereabouts, and Ghouse answered in the negative.

On March 23, the Central Crime Branch summoned him to the Mandi police station. “I went there with my mother at around 4.30 pm. The police first pushed my mother outside the station and took me in. When I again said that I did not know anything, they stripped me and tied my hands and legs. They then gave me several electric shocks and whipped me with their belts. Out of pain I fell down. They then put three wires clips to my private parts and gave electric shock. I had foam coming out of my mouth,” he said.

Unable to bear the pain he simply said that the couple was in Cahmrajnagar. “In reality I had no clue where they were. I was then taken home at 8.30 pm,” he said.

His family took him to KR hospital, but was refused admission. “After the people in my protested the hospital admitted me at 10 pm,” he said.

Ghouse was to be married in April, but his marriage was cancelled after the bride’s family learnt of the incident.

Rape by police

Nagarathanamma (35) is a widow living in Mysore. Her 14-year old daughter Tara had gone missing on January 6 last year. One Dayanand had given false promises of marrying Tara and took her with him.

Nagarathnamma rushed to N R Colony police station and lodged a complaint. On June 14 last year, the police told her that her daughter was traced to Belegola. She rushed there but was beaten by Dayanand and his friends.

She then went to KRS police station which was near by to lodge a complaint. Assiatnt Sub-Inspector (ASI) Maddaiah asked her to wait. Lady Constable Nirmala asked Nagrathnamma to go along with Maddaiah to have dinner in a lodge. When she refused, Nirmala threatened that they will not look into her daughter’s case. The ASI then raped her in the lodge,” she said.

She narrated the incident to her relative who helped her lodge a complaint. Her daughter is still missing.

Woman beaten on road

In March this year Jagadishwari’s mother Muniyamma was selling fruits in Chintamani. “At around 11 a, circle inspector Ramesh came and started beating all the fruit sellers without any warning. He even distributed our fruits to the passerbys. When my mother asked, he started beating my mother,” said Jadadishwari.

When Jagadishwari objected the cop took her mobile phone and started beating her. She ran and the cop ran after her. She fell on the ground and the inspector beat her with his lathi and kicked her with his boot,” she said. The cop left her there and dragged her mother to the police station.


In these cases the accused policemen were suspended and are back on duty. The departmental enquiry in these cases is on. The cases were also heard at the People’s Tribunal on Torture.


National Project on Preventing Torture has found over 800 cases of police torture in Bangalore, Mandya, Mysore, Kodagu, Kolar, Chamarajnagar and Haveri. Legal intervention has been initiated in 750 cases.

The National Project on Preventing Torture in India has been initiated by the European Union, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung and People’s Watch. In Karnataka the project is headed by South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring. For help on human rights violation call: 080 25806866.

Common tortures used by the police as told by the victims at the tribunal

Electric shock treatment

Several victims/survivors described their experience of receiving electric shock “treatment” using equipment that ranged from the use of cattle prods to the use of two live electrical wires linked to a power source on one end were placed on different parts of their bodies to electrocute them. Parts of the body where the shock was given included male sexual organs.

Roller treatment

A heavy log or “roller,” is often weighed down by policemen who sit or stand on it. It is rolled along a person’s legs while the person is forcibly made to lie on his/her back. This method results in excruciating pressure on the detainee’s legs. Extensive use of the roller frequently leads to kidney damage in addition to muscles being crushed.

Aeroplane treatment

The “aeroplane treatment” occurs in one or two different ways. In one, a person’s arms are tied behind the back with ropes; the person is then raised in mid-air, resulting often in shoulder dislocation. In another variation the detainee’s hands are tied behind his back and a pipe is placed under his knees. He is then elevated just above ground level. It is considered excruciating for anybody to remain in that position, with the body weight entirely on the knees, for more than a few seconds.


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