Auto Raja’s Home of Hope

 Techie Meghana Subedar’s case where she lost her memory for six months is not isolated. Auto Raja, who runs a home for the destitute claims that nearly 500 such people came to his house as destitute and later went back when they regained their memory.

MiD DAY visited Auto Raja’s Home of Hope, and met people who seemed educated and spoke good English, but did not remember anything of their past.

Few months ago, the police found Latha on the roads with barely any clothes and brought her to the Home. “She had been sexually abused and didn’t know anything. After a week, she regained her memory and told us about herself. She was from Kerala and was traveling to Chennai to join her husband who was running a shop there. She had been missing for two weeks, during which she had lost her memory and was wandering at the bus station. Men raped her and left her without clothes. She gave us her husband’s contact details and he came to take her,” he said.

Last year, the police brought a Russian woman, who was found lying on the road and lost her memory. “After three months she regained her memory. She told us that she taught at a university in Russia and had come to Bangalore to visit the Satya Sai Baba ashram. Her daughter flew down and took her home,” he said.

Another boy Jabeel was rescued from a road side, where he was lying with injuries on his body. “We brought him home and tended to him. He did not know anything about himself and seemed to be dazed. With time, he too recollected things. He is perfectly normal now and remembers everything, but does not want to go back to his village,” said Auto Raja.

Jabeel told MiD DAY that people felt that there was evil spirit in him and had whip lashed him. “The people in my village near Mysore had whipped me saying that I had evil spirits in me and then dumped me in Bangalore. I am happy working in this home and do not want to go back,” he said.

Raja said that such cases were common. “Many people, who we think are destitute, slowly remember their past and go home. A few months ago, the police had brought another lady who was wandering with 30 grams of gold jewellery on her, but she did not remember a thing. After two months she recollected things and gave us her father’s address in Basaveshwarnagar. The lady was harassed by her in laws and so had become like this. Her father then took her home,” he said.

Home of Hope has many people who have still not regained their memories. Farida, was rescued from Race Course Road eight months ago, and was blank about who she was. “She was found begging on the road. Her head was full of lice and maggots. Slowly she remembered her name and she is remembering more things,” said Auto Raja.

Farida spoke to MiD DAY and said, “I have finished my plus two and was doing B Com in Maths from Annamalai University.” Beyond this she did not recollect anything about herself or her family.

Flora, an old lady speaks impeccable English. “I work in Frazer Town ma,” she said. When we asked where she worked she thought for some time and said, “In the Pastor’s House,” she said and did not remember anything more.

Kaushalya says that she is from Maharashtra but doesn’t know how she reached Bangalore. She was found in Shivajinagar. “Two three men used to take me to bushes everyday and do things,” she said and wept.

Two days ago, Raja rescued a girl from Chintamani, who was among pigs and she too doesn’t remember anything. A lady was found near Indiranagar Coffee Day with eaten chicken bones with her. “She speaks Telugu and seems to be from a good family, but she doesn’t remember her name,” he said.

Auto Raja’s story

T Raja, popularly known as Auto Raja was disowned by his family because of his stealing habits. “My family would even lock the food in the cupboard. I lived on roads among the homeless. I felt that I had to do something for them. It was after a month after Mother Teresa’s death that I found a man lying naked on the road and resolved I should become like Mother Teresa,” he said.

One day Raja picked up an old lady and brought her to his house. “I kept her in the place where my father kept his scooter. From then there has been no looking back and its 11 years now. I have taken care of thousands of people. 900 died in my arms and some got well and went back home,” he said.

As of now, Raja’s Home has about 300 people, out of which over a 100 have no clues of who they are. All the inmates call Raja Daddy.

Raja himself treats them and cleans them. “Many come with diseases and worms in their bodies. At least 10 to 20 people are brought here every month, and there are deaths too and we cremate the bodies. Some children bring their aged parents here and we refuse to take them. They them leave them on the road to the Home,” he said.

A few months ago, a case of forced conversion was slapped against Raja. “I am a Christian and I am doing service but I have not converted anyone so far. My friends had gone preaching and some RSS people complained that they were into conversion. Since I knew the police they called me for help. When I went there the RSS complained against me too. I am out on bail now. Because of this incident people have stopped giving donations,” he said.

Raja gets donations from some churches and also some individuals. “We get about Rs1 lakh as donation every month, but the expenditure goes up to Rs 1.5 lakh. I don’t want money, it will be nice we people give their old clothes, dettol, phenyl, bleaching powder, soap, coffee, tea powder, rice, dal, oil, chilly powder, dry chilies or some other things,” he said.

If you spot a destitute, or to help Raja call him on 9845281915/ 080 65997274/ 080 28445509.


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  1. Posted by Ellen John on August 9, 2011 at 8:15 am

    Hi, In our village, Doddadunnasandra, is a lady with leprosy. They want to admit her in your home. Will you take her? Thanks for your reply.

    Sr. Ellen John


  2. Posted by rani on August 25, 2011 at 6:25 pm


    I want to meet thins person, Auto Raja..Can any one give his address


  3. I would like to donate, my email id is Please send me an email with address for Home of Hope so that I can send my donation.


  4. I would like yo donate also can you please let me know full address and contact no. to help Auto Raja.Please.


  5. i visited auto raja’s ashrama-as it is popularly known as-i thank him from deep of my heart-i will him and request others to do. shushrutananda-(


  6. i visited auto raja’s ashrama-as it is popularly known as-i thank him from deep of my heart-i will help him to the best of my capacity and request others to do. shushrutananda-(


  7. Posted by Gajendra Andrew on November 1, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Hello,Praise the lord, My dear Auto Raja, Our Jesus has given you wonderful job to to for him. He is hungry, you are feeding, He is naked you are clothing, He is leper you are caring. I cried for him to take my life, still crying. I asked him to use me like Holy Mother Teresa, and like you. But Jesus has appointed me as an English teacher in Kolar district, answers me in my prayer “You must teach, I take some of your students to serve me, your own children too, must marry and offer your three children to me”.
    Still I am unmarried, My aim is to serve Jesus like you, but what can I do Jesus is not intending me to become like you.

    In my summer holidays when my department gives me holidays I surely come to your Home of Hope. Let me clean my Jesus, if he is leper, let me cloth if he is naked, let me care and love if he is unwanted, unloved.

    Please pray for me, my mother wants me to stay always with her


  8. Posted by Ronald on November 22, 2012 at 6:08 am

    I like ur ministry im also a christian i want to support u brother but i cant because of my disability i can pray with my lord for u i can do take care god bless u


  9. Posted by pneuma on June 2, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    praise the lord anna, i want to serve for god like you anna, kindly guide me to send small donation for your home… thank you


  10. Sir u are the best in the world, im so impressed at ur work where no body can do this , but u have made it sir . today


  11. Posted by Santosh Mehthre on November 20, 2015 at 9:59 am

    Should I meet him


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