Lessons by a Farmville addict

  I am a Farmville addict. I have to admit it after spending 15 days in playing the game. For the past two weeks, my laptop has been converted into a virtual farm. There’s nothing worthwhile that has happened, except for growing virtual pumpkins and milking virtual cows.

Now, when the guilty me is brooding over the wasted time, the addict in me has something to soothe. It has come up with a list of life skills that I could learn from Farmville. It says that I could consider the gaming period as a life skill training session.

Dedication: Imagine waking up at 3 am to check if some work is done. I would never do that. But I did wake at this hour to check if my crops had grown and harvest them. I feared if I waited till morning, the crops would wither.

Goal Setting: The advantages at higher levels of the game lured me. I worked towards climbing the levels. I made up my mind that on a certain day, I had to climb one level. To attain this, I played without getting off my seat until I reached the level.  At times I even stayed up all night sowing, reaping and visiting neighbours’ farms. This certainly means that I have the ability to forget my sleep and work. I just need to set a goal, just like the way I made up my mind to move forward in the game.

Experience Matters: In Farmville, you climb up the game, through gaining more XP, and not by earning more coins. When you have more XPs, you also get seeds that yield more money. You gain more XP, when you work more on the farm.

I read XP as experience. Only when I work diligently, I will gain experience in my trade. Experience will help me make better decisions, just the way I can buy better seeds in Farmville. With better decisions, I will make more money.


Patience: Crops that give more money, take longer time to grow. For instance, strawberry which is sold for 35 coins can be harvested in 4 hours, but an artichoke which is sold for 204 coins takes four days. From this I learn that patience helps.

Judicious use of money: I was tempted by the various decorations in the Farmville market and wanted to beautify my farm. I realized these pretty things were a waste since they did not yield any returns. Some of the better decorations needed Farmville cash, for which I had to use my credit card. So, the stingy me came up with the plan of using trees.

I bought trees of different colours to landscape the farm. The harvest from the trees added to my revenue.

The Favour Bank: Help from my neighbours on my farm, prompted me to help them in return. When I was not in a mood to help all my virtual neighbours, I helped only those who had fertilized my crops. However, impartial you are the idea of a “Favour Bank”works.

Moreover helping others isn’t a waste. For by helping, you gain experience (XP).

Joy of Gifting: I never thought that receiving a virtual reindeer or a candy would make me so happy. Gifts brought joy, irrespective of how big or small they were. When I snet gifts to my neighbours, I too received them in return.

Besides these learning, Farmville had other positives too. I got in touch with many friends who were on my Facebook, but I hadn’t spoken to them. I also brushed up my knowledge on crops, trees and animals.


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  1. Posted by Nitesh on September 2, 2011 at 7:50 am

    life is to learn in everything we do.


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